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Points Works

Fr0m today u can do s0me extra0rdinary works by ur p0ints First one : U can n0w advertise ur club at site's main pages ann0uncement... U have to pay 150 p0ints for 2 days advertisementnd 300 points for 4 days advertisement. .. . U can advertise 1 club each time . . ..


-right- U can give love or hate point love point cost 3 point. hate point cost 5 point......


-right- you can gift someone
-right- You can gift 10 - 300 points per day (24 hours)You must have at least 1500 points and the user must be 100 points to perform the action.
only regular member can perform this action...
10% vat will be cut down..thats means 100+10=110 point will be cut..


-right- u can change ur name just go to extra menu and enter shop and choose name that will cost 500 points

you can send auto pm which cost 200 point per pm...

-du- [] Enjoy Stay With LovelyBD [] -du-

Topic By: shawn
Topic ID: 15
Created on: 4 months 3 days ago